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Cooking like the Etruscans once did

Cooking classes – on site and in a small group

Would you like to learn how to cook like the Etruscans once did? Casa Lauretana can organise an individual cooking class for you (date by arrangement, 2-4 participants, price depending on the number of participants). This cooking course is really easy-going, it will take place in a relaxed atmosphere, you will not use any super high-tech kitchen equipment and there will not be a Five Star Chef – but you will enjoy the cooking event a n d the meal, I promise!

Homemade Pici

Our Chef di cucina

During a relaxed afternoon we shall cook together, we will chat a lot and have real fun in our kitchen. Everyone gets involved when Meris, a very experienced friend, delves into the secrets of Umbrian and Tuscan cuisine and reveals numerous tips and tricks of regional preparation methods according to ancient tradition. Most of her down-to-earth, very tasty recipes are from her “mamma” or even from her granny, but of course everyone is free to express a personal special wish of what to cook – Meris will do her best to satisfy you all!

The famous Umbrian Torciglione

First we harvest most of the ingredients – then we will cook them

Talking about cooking like the Etruscans once did… the regional recipes in this area, between Umbria and Tuscany, are not difficult to prepare so that you can easily recook them for family and friends when you get back home. With a little luck, also this year, most of the ingredients can be harvested straight from the neighbouring fields. Of course there is always the possibility to get them from farmers in the neighbouring village or at the local markets too.

Culinary delights

Some of the typical recipes of this area are the “Crostini neri” (an antipasto toscano), “Pici all’Aglione” (handmade pasta with elephant garlic) or “Cantucci con Vin Santo” (almond pastry with Vin Santo).

Cantucci (Tuscany) or Tozzetti (Umbria)

At the dinner that follows our cooking, you will taste the dishes you have prepared during the course. Casa Lauretana will provide the appropriate wine.

There should be no communication problems, because hostess Barbara of Casa Lauretana will be present during the cooking class.

Did you know…

… that the Etruscans had been absolutely disregarded by the Military Romans as heavy drinkers and eaters who just wanted to have a good time. They were the party people of Italy! This is no surprise as fertile and arable lands and sunny temperatures all year round provided them with perfect cultivation conditions.

Many generations since then have passed on this love for good food and wine – let us enjoy it too, because Umbrian cuisine is like a “picnic in paradise“.

Tagliatelle made at Casa Lauretana