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Learn Italian – simple daily words and phrases

You can learn Italian language and culture right here at Casa Lauretana. This content is suitable for all: beginners, advanced or travellers and also for those who are out of practise.

All learnings are self paced – with or without a book, intensively or less intensively, whatever you prefer. 

As a translator and teacher with many years of experience I cannot provide you with an internationally recognized diploma but with the language skills to have a „real Italian“ experience.

As you cannot learn the language of a foreign country without knowing a minimum about its culture, my teaching methods are not only based on books, dictionaries, grammar and vocabulary. I focus on daily situations in Italian life!

How to order a coffee in Italian

We can go to a Bar and you order a cappuccino in Italian. This seems easy, but you need to know some Key Rules when walking into an Italian coffee bar.

Un caffé Perugino

Visiting a weekly local market

We can visit a weekly market and you can negotiate and buy local products. Again, there are some rules you should know about this too…

We go on a city tour, hiking or cooking…

No matter what we do, wether we go on a city tour, or hiking, or cooking together – we only speak Italian. Such everyday situations are the best way to become familiar with the Italian culture and language.

Let us read “Il Corriere della Sera”

Do you want to read and understand an Italian daily newspaper? No problem, we will read it together! Just reading and translating the titles can be soo exciting!

You want to sit under an olive tree and study?

Of course, to learn Italian, we can also sit down under an olive tree with an exercise book – perhaps somewhere in the spacious garden of Casa Lauretana, or we can find a quiet place somewhere by the lake maybe…

Everything is possible and FUN is guaranteed!

(Price upon agreement.)