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Saffron harvest

Take part in a saffron harvest!

When and how?

At the end of October, sometimes during the first days of November, more or less right after the olive harvest, everyone talks about saffron. This Crocus sativus, the ancient, precious and high-quality spice has been grown around Lake Trasimeno since the 12th century. It still is, and has become an indispensable part of Umbrian-Tuscan cuisine.

Take part in a saffron harvest and live a great experience! At Casa Lauretana you have the opportunity to harvest lilac-coloured crocus flowers ( appointment by arrangement, price depending on number of participants). You will be in a small group, early in the morning, as saffron has to be harvested before sunrise. Experts will show you not only how to pull the crocus out of the ground but you will also learn how the red stigmas have to be twisted out of each crocus flower. The dried saffron threads then become the finished saffron spice.

Risotto Milanese with shrimps

Interesting facts about saffron

During the harvest you will hear interesting facts about the history of saffron (it is said to have been grown as early as 2300 BC) and about its occurrence (to stay in Italy: Sardinia, Abruzzo, Tuscany). You will learn why it is so expensive. You will find out why saffron is so effective in naturopathy and when it is used (for example to treat pain, to strengthen liver, spleen and heart, to relieve stomach and lung ailments, as well for bronchial ailments, and, very importantly, saffron helps against depression). Since saffron is also of great importance in Mediterranean cuisine (risotto, paella, bouiabaisse, etc.) you will get to know recipes and learn how to distinguish real saffron from fake ones.

Saffron: is it real or fake?


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