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Adopt an olive tree

By donating 30 Euros (or more) you can adopt a beautiful ancient olive tree in Umbria for 1-year. You can give it a name, harvest its olives, visit and also hug it whenever you want. We will  happily keep you informed about its biorhythm and care (flowering, pruning, soil cultivation, ripeness of the olives…).

In return you can take home 1 litre of the finest organic extra virgin olive oil produced by your adopted tree in Umbria (canister, bottle or bag-in-box). Please note that due to the high expenses we cannot ship abroad, so you must come and get it in person.

Beautiful ancient olive trees

By this symbolic gesture of an adoption you keep alive a millennia-old tradition and support the recovery of a bee friendly ancient olive grove in Umbria. In Italy there are more and more farmers who are forced to abandon their ancient olive groves as they cannot invest in the modern cultivation techniques anymore. They also suffer from the merciless business practices of the big food companies.

This one lives in Petrignano

Your donation goes directly to the farm Il Poderaccio, Società agricola semplice, in 06061 Pozzuolo (PG), owned by Ramolino Pantini. His properties are situated in the hills near Lake Trasimeno. 

There is a small forest on his property with wild vegetation, that favours bee life. Ramolino’s friend manages the hive and sells the honey. Furthermore all the cultivation and maintenance of the property is based on sustainability and no artificial fertilisers or chemicals are being used.

Busy bees…

Ramolino does not only cultivate wheat, sunflowers, spelt, millet, field beans and chickpeas, but in a small enclosure he also keeps a pair of beautiful rare ducks, a pair of peacocks (the male of which regularly escapes), and lots of chickens and geese. And in October he is particularly busy, because that is when the grape and olive harvest are on the agenda.

Another ancient olive grove, one of the many in Umbria

The olive oil is not produced by himself. Ramolino takes his olives to the neighbouring olive mill of the COOPERATIVA OLEIFICIO POZZUOLESE, Via Croce 3, 06061 Pozzuolo (PG). 

Please find more informations here:

I would be pleased to take you to the ancient olive trees and walk through  the fields and vines, so you can feel close to nature and not only read about it.

Note: If you stay at Casa Lauretana for at least 7 nights, we will cover the costs of your adoption of an olive tree.

For more practical details of an adoption (payment, certificates, etc.) please contact Barbara at Casa Lauretana.